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13 Dec 2016

Join Love Organic Living in their Turmeric revolution!

Make your New Year’s resolution now and join Love Organic Living in their Turmeric revolution!   This new, innovative company are on a mission to revolutionise the way we eat, drink and think. With their award nominee
1 Oct 2016

Rustic Spirit – Woodlands Retreat

Welcome to rustic spirit on the tranquil side of the mountain. Rustic spirit is a very special & magical retreat – a boutique woodlands sanctuary nestled in the arms of the Wollemi National Park. Passionately owned &
12 Nov 2015

8 benefits of drinking Green Tea

We all know that we need to drink more Green Tea and the lists of health benefits of Green Tea are impressive! My naturopath told me she recommends all her clients who have had breast cancer drink as
24 Sep 2015

Australian Certified Organic CSA 2015

24 Sep 2015

Sprout Magazine – Extreme cuisines – Spring 2015

Extreme cuisines – Spring 2015 It seems we have more food choices than any generation before us, yet many of us tend to eat the same predictable foods week in and week out. In a world where
21 Jul 2015

Getting Alkaline: What, Why & How by Amazonia

In the world of wellness, health and balance are like two best friends – a fabulous and inseparable duo. At a biochemical level in the human body, maintaining the balance of alkalinity and acidity in our fluids
22 Feb 2014

Ethical Consumer Votes Hampstead Tea as Best Buy

Best Buy Black & Green Tea In the Black and Green Tea Ethical Consumer review Hampstead Tea’s English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Chai, Darjeeling, Green, Oolong and White Teas were all awarded top prize. With a score of
28 Jan 2014


Your body may have been speaking to you lately. Have you listened to it? There are a few warning signs that your health may not be optimal, that you’re experiencing toxic overload and that you may need
23 Jan 2014

Hot Health Tip – Apple Cider Vinegar

With everyone focusing on detoxing and starting fresh for the year here’s a simple thing you can do to assist your body to cleanse and refresh – share it with your friends and family. An Apple Cider
11 Nov 2013

Yoga and its benefits

Yoga promotes general good health.  Some of the benefits are: One of the best things about yoga as a form of exercise is that it is not competitive and postures can be modified to suit everyone’s ability.