Black Chicken Remedies

greenhills, December 22, 2017

THE BOWL THAT STARTED A BRAND. Hi I’m Chey Birch, Founder of Black Chicken Remedies. It was the year 2000 and I was living in Bondi Sydney. For years I suffered from irritated skin and sinus issues but nothing I used healed my symptoms. After seeing a naturopath for some much needed advice she suggested I take a good look at my life and the toxins I was unknowingly consuming.
Sienna Byron Bay

greenhills, December 21, 2017

Welcome To Sienna Byron Bay Hailing from the sunny shores of Byron Bay, Sienna creates colours to reflect our beautiful environment and colourful community. We have soft blues to portray our ocean, rainbow brights for our earth children and deep amethyst purples to align and calm your chakras.
La Mav - Organic Skin Science

greenhills, December 21, 2017

  The world’s first certified organic skincare with proven Bio-Actives La Mav® Organic Skin Science came into being after years of research, focusing on beautifully blending ancient natural wisdom and modern science. La Mav’s age defying results are inspired by skin science and delivered through nature to unmask your natural inherent beauty.
MOKOSH – Certified Organic Skin Care Products | 100% Cruelty Free

greenhills, December 21, 2017

Mokosh skin care products are 100% certified organic, strictly free of preservatives and other synthetic ingredients, and made using pure, ethically sourced botanicals. Mokosh products are formulated with the idea that nature provides in perfect form everything we need for true health.
Little Zebra

greenhills, December 21, 2017

Little Zebra Chocolates® - About us We are proud to be creating delicious and rich sugar free chocolates in a completely dairy and nut free factory. Our chocolates can be enjoyed by people of all ages, vegans, vegetarians, people with gluten, lactose and soy intolerances, diabetics or anyone seeking lower GI chocolates.
Sprout & Kernel

greenhills, December 21, 2017

Our brand At Sprout and Kernel we believe that Pachamama (mother earth) provides us with all we need to nourish our bodies. We believe in the power of plant based food and that the food we eat should not harm any being on this planet we share.Pachamama has grown two of our core ingredients - nuts and buckwheat. Tree nuts are an abundant source of essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Join Love Organic Living in their Turmeric revolution!

greenhills, December 13, 2016

Make your New Year's resolution now and join Love Organic Living in their Turmeric revolution!   This new, innovative company are on a mission to revolutionise the way we eat, drink and think. With their award nominee product - Golden Turmeric Blend, you can say goodbye to that unhealthy caffeine habit and switch to a beautiful, earthy, Golden Turmeric Blend Latte or smoothie each morning.
Rustic Spirit - Woodlands Retreat

greenhills, October 1, 2016

Welcome to rustic spirit on the tranquil side of the mountain. Rustic spirit is a very special & magical retreat – a boutique woodlands sanctuary nestled in the arms of the Wollemi National Park. Passionately owned & operated by Susan Zaia & Adrian Emery offering the astute guest a luxury escape to indulge, sooth & replenish body, mind & spirit.
8 benefits of drinking Green Tea

greenhills, November 12, 2015

We all know that we need to drink more Green Tea and the lists of health benefits of Green Tea are impressive! My naturopath told me she recommends all her clients who have had breast cancer drink as much of it as they can.   Because of the impressive list of health benefits, I wanted to include it in our range of water kefir's. I have a cup every afternoon at 3pm, with a piece of dark chocolate.
Australian Certified Organic CSA 2015

greenhills, September 24, 2015
Sprout Magazine - Extreme cuisines - Spring 2015

greenhills, September 24, 2015

Extreme cuisines - Spring 2015 It seems we have more food choices than any generation before us, yet many of us tend to eat the same predictable foods week in and week out. In a world where population is set to explode and there is pressure to produce more food to feed our growing planet, there are many producers re-discovering sustainable crops.
Getting Alkaline: What, Why & How by Amazonia

greenhills, July 21, 2015

In the world of wellness, health and balance are like two best friends - a fabulous and inseparable duo. At a biochemical level in the human body, maintaining the balance of alkalinity and acidity in our fluids and tissues is vitally important for overall health.